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Why users uninstall apps- 6 reasons

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When you create an app, of course you want it to be downloaded and used by many people. However, downloading an app is as easy as removing an app from your device. In this blog, we give you 6 reasons why users uninstall apps. 

Why users uninstall apps

Forced social logins
Did you know 19% of users uninstall apps f they were forced for socials logins? People don’t always want all their accounts to be connected. In order not to see users leave, you should give them the option to decide for themselves whether they want to link their social media to your app.

Privacy concerns
Privacy is a major concern when installing new apps. Apps that ask for way to many permissions may get discarded instantly. 23% of users will uninstall if there are any privacy issues.

Mobile ads are amazing tools to monetize your mobile app but when they become intrusive, it leads to uninstalls. Especially ­in the gaming category, ads are what users hate to see i­f they don’t provide anything i­n return. Research shows that almost 50% of users uni­nstall apps just because of ­intrus­ive advert­isi­ng.

A painfully slow loading process, complicated in-app navigation, and absence of clear instructions for users can all lead to people getting frustrated with a mobile application and deleting it. 42% of users will uninstall if they are unable to do a certain thing caused by bad UI/UX.

Complex registration
Making registration process complex is one of the most common mistakes that causes increasing uninstall rate. 68% of users uninstall apps if the sign-up form is too complex or taking too much time. Therefore, ask for only the necessary information and display it in an orderly way.

Annoying notifications
Apps that send too many push notifications; end up annoying the user especially if the notifications are not relevant to the user. Push notifications popping up too frequently, when least needed, push the user to uninstall the app. 71% of users will uninstall if the app sends too much useless notifications!
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