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In your Kyano Account you manage everything with us. So you decide whether you service from us on or off. In addition, you manage your data, administration, subscriptions and activities in 1 central environment.

Security and privacy

With our built-in security and privacy features, we help protect your data and account. Use the security tips and account is safe.

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Personal details

Manage your personal information with us in your account. We request this data for administration and use of our apps.

Administration and billing

Automatically pay your outstanding invoices in your account. Manage your invoice data. We use Stripe for our payments. So at checkout, you’ll see a checkout from Stripe.


Our apps can be purchased as a subscription. You manage them in your account. Upgrading, downgrading your subscription is easy. If you want to purchase a new service, you can also do this here.


Sometimes you find yourself with a question when using our apps. In our help center you can find answers to questions we have been asked before. Have you contacted us? Then you can find this back in your account.

How can we help you at Kyano?

If you are having trouble using our services please visit our help center.
Here you will find all our questions and answers. We update it periodically with the latest questions from our users.

In case you missed anything.

In order to make use of your Kyano products, you need an account. You need 1 account to be able to work in all products. Think of products like Kyano Sites, Forms, Cards and more. In your Kyano account you can also manage your data with us and you will have insight into your administration and current subscriptions.

Not a penny! Your Kyano account is free. Did you know that before you use any of our products, you will always see what it costs? So you will always know what your advantage is in using your Kyano Products.

By clicking on the “Join Kyano” button on this page. You will receive an email from us when you leave your email address to get started.

At Kyano, we always provide 1-on-1 support. However, our Kyano Members always know how to find an answer in our knowledge base environment. This can be found in our support environment. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.

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