Colors for UI

How to set up colors for UI

Design 29 december 2022 #12
Have you ever wondered how to create the perfect color palette for your design project? Here is a quick guide that can help you choose the right colors for UI.

Colors for ui

Color is one of the most critical tools in a designer’s toolkit. It is an essential part of the visual language that product designers use to communicate with their audience. User interface color can serve functional purposes, such as giving users visual hints about where they should look next when they scan a page, but it can also serve decorative purposes such as conveying a specific mood.

How to set up colors for UI

Start with Primary Color

Choose primary colors according to the kind of application you’re designing. Every color has a different phychological meaning associated with it. For this article we take blue as our primary color.

Create Secondary Color

For our secondary color we depluciate the priamry color and change its hue value by 90 or 180 ( add or subtract any of the values)

Setup Color Overlays

Place the primary color at the bottom and add an overlay of black and withe over it, and change the oppacity.

Extract The Colors

Pick all the colors with the Eye Dropper tool and give them to your elements.

Repeat with Secondary Color

Choose Indicator Colors

Pick any Red, Green, Yellow or gray color which works with yhe background color (in terms of contrast).


Now we have successfully created a color palette for the UI project.

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