Consistency in ui

4 Tips for consistency in UI

Design 18 januari 2023 #27
Consistency is key! Make sure you use these tips for consistency in UI to create the best designs for your next project. Always implementing these tips accurately will make your design look better.

Consistency in UI

Consistency is a fundamental principle of User Interface (UI) design that refers to the degree to which interface elements, layout, and interactions remain stable and predictable across different parts of a website or application. Consistency helps users to understand how to interact with the interface and find the information they need more quickly and easily, ultimately leading to a better user experience.

4 tips

Eliminate confusion
Use easy language, familiar terms and create patterns in your design. Efficiency is important for users, anly delay caused by difficult language can be critical

Find your style and stick to it
Consistency in UI is really a big part for of growth. Keep in mind that buttons, menus, shapes etc should be cosistent through your entire design. Your visual will look smoother, prettier and more professional.

Follow standards
It is neccessary to stick to standard website layouts. Holding on to standards layouts will help your user to reach their goal. So don’t deceive your users expectations.

Match with your branding
Users should be able to make a connection between your website and other communication tools. For example business cards, social media etc. Use the same colors, fonts and logo.

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