Which design is better

Which design is better?

Design 26 december 2022 #10

There are endless possibilities to format your design. As a designer, it is sometimes difficult to decide; which design is actually better? Designs can sometimes be very similar but the impact how a user views them, on the other hand, can be very different. 

Which design is better?

So which design is better? There’s no wrong answer, but Design A is used more often! If we want to use icons to their full potential, we should always put icons before any label or text, that is related to the icon. This enables us to use icons as both, visual and also functional aid. Great design is about both, form and function. Great design can be eye-pleasing as well as functional.


Icons can be very important in your UI design. The ultimate aim of icon is to help to communicate your design. The use of icons has many advantages over text in terms of human-computer interaction. Icons can replace a long descriptive group of words that usually make you boring which can be effective to improve the visual interest and grab the user’s attention. Moreover, by using icons you can communicate more words in a lesser space. Last but not least, the use of icons in most user interface applications has become a design pattern that is familiar to users.

Learn more about using icons with this article from Glovery Design. Learn more with Kyano so you no longer have to doubt which design is better!