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Why you should use the design system

Why use the design system?

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You can improve the quality of your designs if you use the design system. A design system is a complete set of standards intended to manage design at scale using reusable components and patterns.

Reasons why you should use the design system

A Design System is one central place where (reusable) UX elements such as color, HTML codes and logos are brought together that a team needs to design, develop and realize a digital product or service.

Maintain consistency & quality

Consistency is one of the core principles of proper design and user experience. A consistent design is intuitive, predictable and easy to understand. Consistency improves visual quality and makes using your products easier, because the same patterns are used throughout all your products.

Improve speed & productivity
Other major benefit would be speeding up the process of development. A design system will improve speed, quality and consistency. It boosts your workflow when you are working on your projects. It’s certain that a decent chunk of time needs to be dedicated to building the system in the first place, but it’s an investment towards long-term benefits.

You can watch many tutorials on YouTube on how to create a design system, such as this video from Figma.
Wondering how to choose colors for your design sauce, for example? Read this article on how to setup colors for UI!


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